Bonnie & Clyde
Hitman Torpedo
This young pair is said to have committed 13 murders along with various robberies. A fictional character and head of a drug syndicate . A Hitman carries out the orders from the boss of the family.
Havana Sunrise
Gangster Collection Humidors
The Underboss is the 2nd in command. He gives orders if boss in jail, has a case going or is killed. Havana Sunrise is the closest thing to a real Havana cigar you can legally buy in the United States. Gangster Collection Humidors – Cigars are like children; they spoil very easily.  




The Godfather looks over the whole family like they’re his children. T. Saprano, a fictional character, is the head of an organized crime family. Goodfellas is a term that one gangster uses to another.

<order>Dapper Don


The head of an organized crime family and one who dresses with impeccable taste. The story of Scarface was first interpreted in the 1930s film starring Paul Muni then Jason Robards and Rod Steiger. A Button is a gentleman who becomes a member of an organized crime family.

<order>Scarface Copone

<order>Ice Pick


Many people tried to emulate Capone (i.e., Paul Muni, Jason Robards, Rod Steiger) who liked to smoke big cigars 8’x 60 gauge.
The ice pick was the weapon of choice used by the old time Sicilian and Jewish gangsters of Murder Inc. Wiseguy is a term that is used for a guy that is a made man or a member of a family.
Bugsy Seigel
<order>Murder Inc. <order>Enforcer
Bugsy Siegel born Benjamin Siegel to Russian immigrants in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. Murder Inc. was the enforcement branch of the National Crime Syndicate. The Enforcer (like Al Capone's Enforcer, Frank "The Enforcer" Nitti) makes sure that “family” values are obeyed.
Bada Bing!
A sit down is a meeting of two to three “wise guys” to discuss business and even settles misunderstandings. James Caan popularized the phrase in "The Godfather" when he walked up to Michael Corleone and said: “What are you going to walk up to him and bada bing…Blow his brains out all over your nice ivy league suit.”  

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