Tobacco and Wrap Origin
Each crop of the Gangster Collection of cigars is grown in Honduras from 1st generation Cuban tobacco seeds imported from Cuba. We never use 2nd generation seeds to grow our tobacco. The Gangster Collection cigars feature three wraps: the Connecticut full-leaf wrap grown in Connecticut and exported to Honduras; the Havana full-leaf wrap grown in Cuba and exported to Honduras; and the Corojo full-leaf wrap also grown in Cuba and exported to Honduras.

The Gangster Collection is indisputably the closest to Cuban cigars you can get in the U.S.

Gangster Collection Cigar Ratings
The Gangster Collection cigars received ratings of 89-96 from top Cuban tobacconists whose families have been growing and rolling cigars for as long as 200 years - including Gilberto and Francisco Lopez, Louis and Miguel Santiago, Benito and Bustimante Gomez and Eduardo Vazquez.

Gangster Collection individual cigar ratings:
Bada Bing 92 <order Ice Pick 89 <order
Bonnie & Clyde 89 <order Murder Inc. 96 <order
Bugsy Seigel 92 <order Scarface Capone 96 <order
Button 94 <order Scarface 95 <order
Dapper Don 94 <order Sit Down 90 <order
Enforcer 91 <order Tony Montana 92 <order
Godfather 94 <order T. Saprano 96 <order
Goodfellas 95 <order Underboss 90 <order
Havana Sunrise 94 <order Wiseguy 93 <order
Hitman Torpedo 91 <order    
The Gangster Collection of cigars is comparable to, if not better,
than these famous brands and any other brand you can think of:

Arturo Fuente
Don Tomas
Royal Jamaican
Havana Romeo Y Julieta
Cuban Cohiba
Havana Monte Cristo
Cuban El Presidente

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